Services of Punta Ballena
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Services of Punta Ballena

Whale Watching Center

From the center of our whale watching activities here at Punta Ballena, you will receive a boarding pass, board one of specialized tour boats and begin an unforgettable adventure!
Punta Ballena offers comfortable and clean restrooms, a waiting area with an amazing view of the ocean and free parking.


Our restaurant is located in an excellent spot, just overlooking the Nuevo Gulf waters. Surrounded by such beauty, you will be A visitor enjoying a meal at Punta Ballenaable to taste the most exquisite dishes made of fresh Patagonian products: seafood, fish and the typical Patagonian lamb, as well as, pasta, fast foods and a vast range of wines, drinks ans desserts.


Also at Punta Ballena, a regional gift shop where you can acquire postcards, gifts and hand-crafted goods unique to this part of Patagonia.

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Segunda Bajada al Mar, Puerto Pirámides, Chubut - Patagonia
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