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Jorge Schmid
Pioneer in this activity

Over the years, observations of marine and coastal wildlife aboard JORGE SCHMID’s nautical tours have stood out, due to the techniques applied during maritime operation and security, for both passengers and cetaceans alike. Complying strictly to the highest standards, in relation to the conservation and protection of the SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE population, a World Heritage icon, and in so originating the regulations and methods of marine navigation and protection used today.

The whales begin their arrival along the privileged coast of the Golfo Nuevo during the months of April and May, remaining in and around its calm bays until December of each year (normally). Statistics show that the population of these marine mammals has continued to increase at a rate of 8% - 10% accompanied by longer stays in these protected waters.

A true Pioneer in this activity, JORGE SCHMID, with more than 45 years of experience in whale watching tours, is at your disposition from the boarding terminal at Punta Ballena in Puerto Piramide. Ideal for the reception of all those prepared for an unforgettable experience in this wild natural setting, with tour boats specifically designed for this activity, including external and internal observation areas, ecological motors and bilingual staff. All crew members have been certified by the Argentine Coast Guard and have specialized training and certification as whale guides. Educational student trips, documentary film crews and professional photographers, television programs, foundations, specialists, scientists and biologist are just some, amongst the many visitors that choose our service each year, manifest to the professional and respectful methodology offered with each excursion.

The history of Whale Watching

For a true understanding of the history of whale watching in the Valdes Peninsula a comparison of information is necessary. The first commercial whale watching tours began in 1971, in very small boats with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers and therefore ideal climactic conditions were almost obligatory. Today, over years of trial and error, the tour boats used are conditioned and certified for larger groups, greater comfort and security, with a maximum capacity of 70 passengers.

Historically not as many whales were observed in the area and their stay was much shorter. Whale watching tours were initially limited to the months of October and November. Now whales are regularly observed during 8 months of the year and whale watching tours are conducted from early June through mid-December. Initially more than 90% of the passengers where foreigners, although over the last several years the number of Argentines has greatly increased. This tendency is primarily due to education and a raised environmental consciousness in Argentina, together with an astonishing increase in Argentine students on educational tours.

In the footsteps of Lady Di...

It is almost impossible to tour the Valdes Peninsula and its surrounding attractions without encountering the profound impression left by Lady Diana Spencer while in the area. expressly mentioned Jorge Schmid, as the captain and guide responsible for the princess of Whales while on her first ever whale watching tour here, along the southern coast of Argentina.

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